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Basic       $18                                       

Spa          $23

Gel          $34                                    

Basic and Spa manicures begin with clipping and/or shaping of the nails, cuticle cream applied and placed in warm water to soak. Cuticles are then gently pushed back and clipped if desired. An almond illuminating masque is applied for spa manicures and wrapped in warm towels. Both manicures are then followed by a massage with almond hydrating lotion and polish of your choice, finished with a top coat of seche vite.

Gel manicures are slightly different. A gel manicure is a dry manicure per the manufactures instruction. The gel gets a better wear with the least amount of water and oil on the nail prior to polish. We begin with the cuticles being pushed back gently and clipped if so desired, nails clipped and/or filed to preferred shape, washing, a ph balancing agent is applied, base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat, all are dried under a led light or uv light depending on brand of polish, and are finished with a cuticle oil.


Express  $23                

Basic      $34                        Nail  Art        $5 (per nail)

Spa        $45                      Nail Repair      $2 (per nail)

Gel        $44                      Paraffin Wax    $5


Nail Extensions                      

Overlays           $40

Pink & White    $45

Fill                   $25

Backfill             $35

*Basic mani/pedi $45.00

*Gel mani/basic pedi $60.00

**Spa mani/pedi  $60.00


Princess Manicures & Pedicures          (up to age 12)

Basic Manicure       $10

Gel Manicure          $18

Pedicure                $22